There’s A Lot To Celebrate This Presidents’ Day

In 2020, Wisconsinites turned out in record numbers across zip codes and demographics to demand change. This Presidents’ Day, we are celebrating the myriad of changes that President Biden has brought across our local communities in the nearly three years since.

Governor Evers’ Budget Puts People and Progress Over Politics

Gov. Evers’ new biennial budget is one that will put more money into middle class pockets, ensure fully funded schools, address mental health needs, lower healthcare costs, support our local communities, nurture a cleaner environment, create family supporting jobs, and further protect our freedom to vote. 

OP-ED: MAGA Republicans Endorse the Suppression of Votes in Black and Brown Communities

Just last month, news outlets broke a shocking voting rights violation in Wisconsin: Bob Spindell, a fraudulent Donald Trump elector in 2020, Republican Party of Wisconsin official, and a current member of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, bragged about MAGA efforts to stop Wisconsinites from voting based on race in the Badger State’s 2022 midterm election.

2023 State of the State: Governor Evers Keeps Wisconsin Moving Forward

In his 2023 State of the State address, Governor Tony Evers proved what many of us across zip codes, backgrounds, and income levels in Wisconsin already know: the Badger State is in a great position to grow our economy, come together across differences, and set Wisconsin families up to thrive.

OP-ED: Reflecting on the 50th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

On January 22, 1973 our nation’s highest court ruled that our right to have an abortion was protected under the Constitution - a decision that a majority of Americans and Wisconsinites support, even five decades later. Last year, the conservative majority court went against the will of the people and overturned the federal protections of Roe v. Wade.

Dan Kelly and Jennifer Dorow Mum on Republican Election Commissioner Controversy

Jennifer Dorow and Dan Kelly have remained silent and refused to condemn or call for the resignation of Republican appointed Wisconsin Elections Commission member Bob Spindell over comments he made bragging about GOP efforts to target communities of color and suppress their votes in 2022 in Milwaukee. 

Assembly Republicans Reject Letting Voters Decide on 1849 Abortion Ban

Every Republican member of the Wisconsin State Assembly voted today to prohibit the people of Wisconsin from having their say on the state’s 1849 abortion ban, opposing an effort by Gov. Evers and Democrats to hold an advisory referendum on repealing the 173 year old law that currently bans abortion in the state. 

Latest GOP Tax Scheme Seeks to Rig System for Wealthiest Wisconsinites

Instead of working with Governor Evers on his proposal to deliver tax savings for the middle class and local families, GOP leaders today unveiled a scheme that would provide little or no benefit for working people while delivering a windfall for the wealthiest.

High Court Hopefuls Dan Kelly and Jennifer Dorow Stand by Their Radical, Right-Wing Views

At a recent forum, right-wing Wisconsin Supreme Court hopeful Dan Kelly stood by his opposition to strengthening anti-corruption rules for Wisconsin judges while fellow radical Jennifer Dorow didn’t back down from her criticism of a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down a Texas law that banned consensual same gender relationships.

Cutting Energy Costs in Wisconsin is Possible with the Inflation Reduction Act

Every year on January 10, Americans observe National Cut Your Energy Costs Day - a day meant to raise awareness around increasing energy efficiency, saving money, and healing the environment. Thanks to the historic Inflation Reduction Act signed into law by President Biden in 2022, Wisconsinites can more easily do all three of those things.

Special Education Day: Our Kids Deserve Fully Funded Public Education Programs

December 2 marks Special Education Day, the anniversary of our nation’s first federal special education bill being signed into law. It’s also a great reminder that our elected leaders have an obligation to ensure our schools’ special education programs have the funding and resources needed to excel.