A Packed Day of Skewed Priorities from GOP State Legislators

Today, the GOP-led state legislature devoted time to Republican-authored bills and proposals that would make it harder for Wisconsinites to access affordable healthcare, would revoke essential benefits from Wisconsinites who have lost their jobs, and would support a tax scheme that delivers massive benefits to the highest incomes at the expense of the rest of us.

Demanding Action on Earth Day

This Earth Day, there’s a lot of environmental items in Gov. Evers’ budget that Wisconsinites can encourage our local legislators to support.

Gov. Evers’ Tax Plan Uplifts Working Families

The tax plan Wisconsinites deserve, and what they endorsed in November by re-electing Gov. Evers, is one that puts more money in the pockets of local families and ensures quality schools, affordable healthcare, and good-paying jobs.

SCOWIS Forum: Dan Kelly Doubles Down on Extremist Views on the Issues

At a March 21 public debate, Dan Kelly doubled down on his extremist views and strong ties to corruption. Specifically, Kelly refused to denounce Wisconsin’s archaic, unpopular 1849 criminal abortion ban, and evaded taking responsibility for his long history of refusing to recuse himself as a judge in cases where a conflict of interest clearly existed.

New Bill Repealing 1849 Criminal Abortion Ban is a Necessary Step

This morning, Gov. Tony Evers and Lt. Gov. Sara Rodriguez - alongside Democratic state legislators Kelda Roys and Lisa Subeck - reintroduced legislation that would restore abortion rights in Wisconsin by repealing the state’s 1849 criminal abortion ban.

OP-ED: What’s at Stake for Abortion Access This Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month. It’s the month of important issue days like International Women’s Day, and Abortion Provider Day. It’s also the month that, 174 years ago, Wisconsin’s criminal abortion ban - that leaves no exceptions for rape or incest and criminalizes doctors and nurses who provide abortion care - was signed into law.

ICYMI: Dan Kelly, In His Own Words

In a series of blog posts, which he unsuccessfully tried to erase from the internet, Kelly opines at length on topics ranging from abortion to Social Security, and repeatedly demonstrates he does not share the values or the views on the issues of the vast majority of Wisconsinites.

Right-Wing Extremist Embraces Dan Kelly

Scott Presler, an extremist, right-wing social media influencer who promoted the January 6 insurrection, traffics in QAnon conspiracy theories and has worked with the “largest anti-Muslim group in America” has a new project, promoting Dan Kelly.

There’s A Lot To Celebrate This Presidents’ Day

In 2020, Wisconsinites turned out in record numbers across zip codes and demographics to demand change. This Presidents’ Day, we are celebrating the myriad of changes that President Biden has brought across our local communities in the nearly three years since.

Governor Evers’ Budget Puts People and Progress Over Politics

Gov. Evers’ new biennial budget is one that will put more money into middle class pockets, ensure fully funded schools, address mental health needs, lower healthcare costs, support our local communities, nurture a cleaner environment, create family supporting jobs, and further protect our freedom to vote.