Oral Arguments Kick Off in Case Seeking Fair Maps for Wisconsinites

Today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a case that challenges Wisconsin’s gerrymandered state legislative maps, and seeks to ensure - through fair maps - that every vote holds equal weight and politicians can be properly held accountable at the ballot box.

Assembly Undermines Access to Higher Education, While Senate Attacks Freedom to Vote

In a stunning display of skewed priorities, the Wisconsin State Legislature will take action today on GOP bills that would undermine access to higher education for students of color, remove protections for marginalized students at Wisconsin universities, and enshrine into our state constitution discriminatory anti-voter laws that unjustly target voters of color, rural voters, voters with disabilities, and other marginalized voters across Wisconsin.

OP-ED: Wisconsin Republicans Wasted Critical Days Supporting MAGA Election Denier Jim Jordan Instead of Taking Action on Issues that Matter to Wisconsin Families

Without a Speaker, the House is unable to meaningfully advance action on the issues that matter to Wisconsin families. Wisconsin Republicans’ choice to waste critical time throwing support to Jordan, instead of working with Democrats on a bipartisan solution, was a clear signifier that they are willing to put their own partisan interests ahead of what’s best for Wisconsin.

Extremist Speaker Robin Vos Continues to Ignore Reality, Refuses to Take Impeachment Off the Table Despite Widespread Opposition

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos confirmed today he will continue to weaponize impeachment threats against elected officials he disagrees with - despite Wisconsin voters, legal and ethics experts, former state Supreme Court justices, and even fellow Republicans voicing strong opposition to his petulant and meritless impeachment scheme against Justice Janet Protasiewicz.

Wisconsin Family Medicine Doctor Denounces GOP Attacks on Gender Affirming Care as Assembly Republicans Set to Vote on Bill Attacking LGBTQ+ Youth

As state Republicans seek to put themselves in charge of more personal healthcare decisions - this time unjustly targeting LGBTQ+ youth - A Better Wisconsin Together sat down with Wisconsin-based Family Medicine Doctor Melissa Hidde as part of a video series exploring the rise in anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, the realities of gender-affirming care, and the importance of fighting for the freedom to live authentically.

ICYMI: Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices, Legal Experts, Ethics Watchdogs, and Even Republicans Agree – Extremist Impeachment Plot is Meritless

Amid extremist Republicans’ unpopular and politically motivated threats to impeach newly elected state Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz, a growing chorus of voices including former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices, legal experts, ethics watchdogs, and even Republicans, are speaking out against the scheme to overturn the results of the 2023 Spring court election.