OP-ED: Republicans’ Push to Impeach Justice Protasiewicz Is Both Unpopular and Unfounded. Wisconsinites Should Make Their Voices Heard.

This spring, Wisconsin voters turned out in record numbers to elect Justice Janet Protasiewicz in a landslide victory to our state Supreme Court. Now, instead of fixing issues Wisconsinites care about, some extremist Republicans are wasting time and resources in a push to throw away the outcome of that election - simply because they didn’t like what we said with our votes.

A Better Wisconsin Together Condemns GOP Attempt to Distract from Unpopular Impeachment Threats with Sham Redistricting Bill

Amid mounting proof that state Republicans’ effort to impeach Justice Janet Protasiewicz is extremely unpopular, Republicans are now attempting to shift the spotlight away from their still-active impeachment threats by trying to pass a bad faith redistricting bill that would keep the gerrymandered legislature in charge of how Wisconsin’s maps are drawn.

Poll Finds Wisconsin Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose Unconstitutional Impeachment

A statewide poll of Wisconsin voters, sponsored by A Better Wisconsin Together, finds overwhelming opposition to a scheme from some extreme Republicans to impeach newly elected Justice Janet Protasiewicz. According to results of the survey, conducted September 7-10 by the national award-winning polling firm GBAO, impeachment is opposed by a massive 24 point margin.

Assembly Republicans Hastily Pass Tax Plan Skewed for the Wealthiest

Assembly Republicans have voted to pass a regressive tax scheme that a recent analysis says will skew a majority of the benefits to the wealthiest, while completely ignoring average working families and the issues that Wisconsinites have demanded action on. 

A Better Wisconsin Together Applauds Workers First Bill Package

Today, Democratic state legislators introduced the Workers First package, a group of bills that will increase the quality of life for Wisconsin workers, raise wages, mend the state’s workforce shortage, and undo years of damage done to workers’ rights by state Republicans. 

Rebecca Bradley and the Case of the Questionable Conflict

Rebecca Bradley declared she was “not available on August 4th” to join the state Supreme Court in discussing plans for a recusal task force and more open and transparent court proceedings. However, according to records obtained by A Better Wisconsin Together, Rebecca Bradley’s calendar for August 4, 2023 is and was completely empty.  

ICYMI: Republicans Rushing Another Regressive Tax Giveaway

A Republican tax scheme on the fast track in the State Assembly is the latest in a series of proposals skewed to send most of the benefits to the wealthiest, according to a report on an analysis from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP).

At Debate in Milwaukee, Out of Touch Nature of GOP on Full Display

Tonight, Republican politicians took the stage in Milwaukee for a presidential debate. The right-wing presidential hopefuls spewed hours of out of touch, reckless policy positions that would have harmful impacts on Wisconsinites and Americans nationwide. 

ICYMI: Rebecca Bradley Caught Trying to Rewrite History

As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Bradley has been repeatedly and surreptitiously trying to edit her biography on the Wikipedia website to revise or erase some of the vile homophobic, racist and extreme opinions she’s expressed publicly.

Action Filed to Undo Partisan Gerrymander, Deliver Fair Maps

In the fight for fair state legislative district maps, legal action was filed in Wisconsin today to help ensure every Wisconsinite’s voice holds equal weight in our elections, and that politicians can no longer carve up our communities for their own political gain.

A Better Wisconsin Together Congratulates Justice-elect Janet Protasiewicz

Today, Justice-elect Janet Protasiewicz will be sworn in as the newest justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court after voters made spring election history this April, turning out in record numbers to decide that Wisconsin needs leaders who will protect our freedoms while rejecting the politics of fear and division.

State Republicans Have Second Chance to Reverse Bad Budget Decisions

Republican legislators now have an opportunity to work with their Democratic colleagues and do what Wisconsinites have been asking for: pass legislation that ensures our families, neighborhoods, schools, and local governments are equipped with the resources they need to succeed.