Republicans Still Refusing to Respect Frontline and Essential Workers

We all share the goal of getting Wisconsinites back to work, in well-paying jobs that support a family. The best thing we can do to advance that goal is to respect our workers. That means taking up the policies proposed by Gov. Evers in his budget that would make sure Wisconsin workers have a voice on the job, the freedom to bargain together, good wages, and benefits like family and medical leave.

Republicans Need to Go Back to School on Education Funding

Governor Evers’ budget makes bold, strategic investments in the things we need for a better future for everyone in Wisconsin, and his plan to support public schools in every community and for all students shows that. The cuts Republicans made to the proposed education aren’t just fiscally irresponsible, they are a disservice to our children.

Despite Huge Challenges, We Celebrate Good Leaders on Earth Day

In marking Earth Day each year, there are any number of issues to focus on, from the traditional, like climate change and pollution, to those that demand more attention like racial justice. This year, we are celebrating having leaders who recognize the importance of our environment to everything we care about, and are committed to equitable and judicious care of our planet.