Celebrating Independence Day in 2021

As we enjoy our beers and hamburgers, we’ll also be partaking in another uniquely American pastime—the kind of dissent, criticism, and organizing that are borne out of love for this country, and the desire to make it the very best version of itself that it can be.

Senate Republicans follow Assembly colleagues down a backwards path

The leaders who are supposed to govern in our name are squandering a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in our future. The Senate’s decision to approve this budget, without the amendments it so desperately needs, will reverberate over the next couple of years and beyond. We deserve better.

Republican-Led State Assembly Fails to Meet The Moment

Under Governor Evers’ budget proposal, our schools, small businesses, and local governments would receive the resources they need to give every Wisconsinite the opportunity to keep a roof over their family’s heads, put food on the table, and get access to a doctor when they are sick. Under the budget passed by the Assembly, the rich get richer and everyone else keeps struggling. That’s not how Wisconsinites treat their neighbors, and we’re calling on the Senate to vote down a budget that fails to invest in us.

Fight for Freedom to Vote Continues in Wisconsin and Washington DC

Republicans know their ideas aren’t popular, so they want to rig the rules to make it more difficult for Wisconsinites to have a say, all the while handing tax breaks to their wealthy friends and corporations. The good news is that we have leaders like Governor Evers and Democrats in the state legislature alongside Senator Baldwin and Representatives Moore, Kind and Pocan to stand up for our freedom to vote and fight for a future where we all get what we need.

Republicans Run Out of Excuses for Saying ‘No’ to Investments in our Community

On Tuesday, the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau updated its revenue estimates, revealing that the state is poised to have billions more than previously expected. This new information snatches away the final fig leaf for legislative Republicans who have attempted to defund popular and necessary services, including education, job training, and financial aid for technical college and University of Wisconsin students.

Republicans Still Refusing to Respect Frontline and Essential Workers

We all share the goal of getting Wisconsinites back to work, in well-paying jobs that support a family. The best thing we can do to advance that goal is to respect our workers. That means taking up the policies proposed by Gov. Evers in his budget that would make sure Wisconsin workers have a voice on the job, the freedom to bargain together, good wages, and benefits like family and medical leave.

Republicans Need to Go Back to School on Education Funding

Governor Evers’ budget makes bold, strategic investments in the things we need for a better future for everyone in Wisconsin, and his plan to support public schools in every community and for all students shows that. The cuts Republicans made to the proposed education aren’t just fiscally irresponsible, they are a disservice to our children.

Despite Huge Challenges, We Celebrate Good Leaders on Earth Day

In marking Earth Day each year, there are any number of issues to focus on, from the traditional, like climate change and pollution, to those that demand more attention like racial justice. This year, we are celebrating having leaders who recognize the importance of our environment to everything we care about, and are committed to equitable and judicious care of our planet. 

It’s Time for Legal Cannabis in Wisconsin

Most Wisconsinites, regardless of race or place, just want our families to be whole and our communities to be vibrant. But, for too long, cannabis laws have been used to target, harass, and criminalize Black and Brown communities in Wisconsin, and across the country.

Duey as He Says, Not as He Does

As Senator Stroebel grandstands about transparency in public, his private actions reflect a contempt for Wisconsin’s Open Records Law and for the right of the public to hold their elected officials accountable.

Wisconsinites Come Out to Support Public Education

Just five months after one of the most important elections in living memory and for the fifth time in this pandemic, Wisconsinites returned to the ballot box, and, once again, we have voted for our future and our communities.

Investing in the Care Economy Benefits Us All

Together, we can make child care more affordable, more sustainable, and higher quality, supporting both the families and providers. That alone is a reason to make this investment. But we know the data shows there’s more than that. The investments in the care economy from President Biden and Democrats' American Rescue Plan and Governor Evers’ budget proposal will create jobs and ensure that all our communities are a good place to raise a family.

A Feminist Budget Proposal

Every year, around the world on March 8th, women and their allies gather in protest and solidarity for reproductive justice, equal pay, healthcare, safety against sexual and domestic violence, and many other issues that affect women around the world. This year in Wisconsin, we’re unifying around Governor Evers’ budget.

HR1 is Good News for Democracy

No matter where you come from or what you look like, we can all agree that voters pick their leaders; leaders shouldn’t get to pick their voters.

Governor Evers’ Budget Puts Democracy First

Accessible and secure elections are the bedrock of our democracy. This pandemic has shown us the lengths Wisconsin voters are willing to go to cast a ballot and make their voices heard, but it doesn’t have to be this hard. Governor Evers’ budget takes huge strides towards modernizing our elections and giving all Wisconsinites a chance to pick their leaders, and the future they want.