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FAQ Guide
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What is Wisconsin Megaphone?

Wisconsin Megaphone is the online outreach program of A Better Wisconsin Together, a 501(c)(4) progressive communications hub.

It is a digital volunteer program to help spread progressive messages and combat online disinformation in Wisconsin. We’re looking for volunteers to share content across social media, engage digital networks, and advocate for the policies we want to see in our state.

We’re harnessing the power of social media to build a progressive digital community throughout Wisconsin to strengthen the progressive movement and combat disinformation in every corner of the state.

As a trusted messenger in your network, you can provide news and messaging about progressive priorities from a reliable source to your community as a Digital Ambassador.

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How do I get involved?

Use the form on this page to sign-up, and one of our organizers will reach out to walk you through how to get involved and answer any questions you may have.

Sign Up Here!

  • Trust in news is at an all-time low.
  • Right-wing disinformation is at an all-time high.
  • 71% of Americans have a Facebook account.
  • Over 90% of Americans use a social media account.
  • Each social media user has the potential to bring progressive messaging to hundreds, if not thousands, of Wisconsinites with one post.
  • You are your personal network's most trusted messenger.

Why is it important?

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Why is spreading progressive messaging so impactful?

Years of research show that how we talk about and frame progressive issues is as important, if not more important, than what we’re saying.

This is why we say “anti-abortion,” not “pro-life,” and “we support reproductive freedom,” not “pro-choice.” How our brain interprets these phrases and words impact how effective we are in advocating for progressive priorities.

When we spread good progressive messaging, we change how we talk about issues and, in turn, change how we think about and act on them. Using good progressive messaging is our best tool to combat right-wing disinformation.

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How does this program work?

  • Our organizers

    We have organizers working in every corner of Wisconsin. They’ll connect with you to provide coaching and support as you get involved with Wisconsin Megaphone. They will also help to help connect you with other like-minded volunteers in your area of Wisconsin. Set-up a 1-1 with an organizer here to get started.
  • Our workshops/events

    We hold regular workshops on timely and evergreen issues affecting the people of Wisconsin. At these events, you’ll gain insight and learn professional messaging guidance — the same insider guidance progressive organizations across Wisconsin receive to inform their advocacy. 
  • Our toolkits

    To ensure you’re supported after the workshops, we will provide you with messaging toolkits that detail everything covered at the event, and include how-to guides, sample social media posts, graphics, and resources to create compelling progressive social media messaging. 
  • Our actions

    To help amplify important messaging, we hold “Commit to Post” days of action, where we organize our volunteers to support an important issue that day. For example, supporting Wisconsin immigrants on May 1st by posting about theday without immigrants.
  • Our community

    Throughout your involvement, you’ll be connected not just to our organizers, but other like-minded volunteers who want to learn good messaging and support progressive causes in Wisconsin. We also hold weekly zoom calls for 30 minutes every Wednesday at noon, called Wisconsin Wednesdays, where we talk about a different issue each session and build community. 
  • Network effect

    You may be one person, but dozens of people will see your post, and if one of those people share, it dramatically multiplies your effect. As a member of a statewide volunteer base, your posts will help get good progressive messaging in front of thousands of Wisconsinites. Our collective work tips the scales in our favor.

Your Commitment

Joining Wisconsin Megaphone is a commitment to post and share good progressive messaging on social media.

Because joining Wisconsin Megaphone is one of the most accessible ways to meaningfully advocate for progressive priorities, your involvement can be as easy as making one post a week with your morning coffee, and meeting occasionally with one of our organizers so you are always in the loop.

You set the pace of your involvement - whether you’d like to post once a week, or serve as a Digital Captain to recruit and build a team of volunteers, our organizers will meet you where you’re at to develop a plan that meets all of your advocacy goals. No matter your level of commitment, it takes all of us to advocate for the progressive future we want for our state.

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Our Megaphone App

Our Megaphone is a web-based and mobile app, available on iPhone and Android, that helps us build stronger progressive narratives and share social media posts designed for specific audiences regularly. It is a database of graphics and other content focused on popular progressive issues that you can use along with our messaging guidance. You can post to your social media accounts straight from the platform, accessing 100s of different graphics.

The purpose of Our Megaphone is to get our message across and make the act of amplifying our progressive message as easy as possible.

Join us today, and sign-up to chat with one of our Digital Organizers here.

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