A Better Wisconsin Together Announces New Resource Exposing the Sham Election Review

MADISON, Wis. — Every day there’s a new twist and turn to the blundered Republican sham election review, led by disgraced ex-justice Michael Gableman. With that in mind, A Better Wisconsin Together is launching a new website with a comprehensive documentation of the ongoing failures of the sham election review. The never-ending sequence of lies and […]

Rebecca Kleefisch’s Recently Announced Leadership Team Displays Serious Failure of Judgement

he alarming behavior by Rebecca Kleefisch is starting to pile up. Instead of sharing a plan to address the pandemic, she divides, distracts, and blames others. She has sprinted to the hard right, adopting unpopular, damaging positions, including advocating for a 6 week abortion ban, similar to the law recently enacted in Texas. Now, she continues to show who she is by the company she keeps. We deserve leaders who advocate for family-supporting policies, not champions of the right-wing disinformation brigade.

Rebecca Kleefisch’s COVID-19 Plan: Ignore It

It’s telling that most of what Rebecca Kleefisch has said about her plan to address COVID-19 is about what she wouldn’t do. Wisconsinites are looking for leadership and a clear plan, not blame and deflection. It’s becoming obvious what the Kleefisch plan to address COVID is—ignore it.

A Better Wisconsin Together Applauds the Release of the People’s Maps; Encourages Legislature to Enact Them Into Law

MADISON, Wis. — On Thursday, the People’s Maps Commission released draft maps for Wisconsin’s Assembly, Senate, and Congressional districts. After a lengthy and transparent process where thousands of Wisconsinites were able to make their voices heard in the community districting process, this is a big first step towards passing fair maps. After a period of additional […]

Republicans Once Again Opt for Party over Principle

Voters should pick their leaders, not the other way around. Unfortunately, Republicans have failed to put forward a positive agenda for our state, so it’s no wonder they’re trying to rig the rules to evade accountability.

On National Voter Registration Day, the Freedom to Vote is Paramount

Whatever our color, background, or zip code, in America we value our freedom. The freedom to have a say in decisions that impact our lives—from curbing the pandemic to creating jobs to making health care affordable. Our vote is our say in our collective future. With that in mind, today, National Voter Registration Day, is a great day to update your voter registration or remind friends and family members who may not be registered to do so

Principle or Party Bosses is the Choice for Republican State Legislators

MADISON, Wis. — Republican state legislators face a choice on Tuesday as their right-wing party bosses ask them to vote for a proposal aimed at preserving Wisconsin’s rigged legislative district lines. In 2011, Wisconsin Republicans enacted one of the most gerrymandered state legislative district plans in the nation, with the goal of cementing their power and […]

This Labor Day, Thank a Union

This Labor Day, we recognize the achievements of the American worker and stand in solidarity with unions.

Governor Evers Protects Freedom to Vote in Wisconsin With Vetoes

Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature seem to have made it their mission to pick which voters get the freedom to participate in our elections, rather than allowing us to pick our leaders. Wisconsinites across the state have spoken up for the freedom to vote, and Governor Evers has heard us. Thank you, Governor Evers, for standing up for our freedom to vote.