OP-ED: It’s Time for GOP-Controlled State Legislature to Stand Up for Teachers

As Teacher Appreciation Week 2024 comes to a close, Wisconsinites have spent the past week showing gratitude for our dedicated teachers across the state, and we must continue standing up for Wisconsin teachers all year long. Part of that means holding our elected officials accountable for supporting legislation that empowers our local schools and teachers. 

As Governor Evers Vetoes Bad Faith GOP PFAS Bill, A Better Wisconsin Together Urges JFC to Accept Governor’s Call to Take Next Steps in Ensuring Clean Water, Healthcare Access

This afternoon, Governor Tony Evers vetoed a disingenuous GOP-authored bill that experts have said would let polluters off the hook for contaminating Wisconsinites’ water. The governor  is calling on the Joint Finance Committee to convene next week on a plan to release $140 million in funds to combat PFAS contamination and solve shortages in health care access across the state. 

OP-ED: Eric Hovde Opposes Wisconsinites’ Freedoms

To associate with known participants in an attempt to illegally overturn an election and oppose basic freedoms like making our own medical decisions, having our voices heard in our elections, or just buying a beer at your neighborhood's most cherished bar raises serious questions about Eric Hovde’s judgment, his ethics, and his values.

OP-ED: MAGA Republicans Blocked Action on Wisconsinites’ Priorities in State Legislature

While both GOP-controlled legislative bodies found plenty of time this session to take up their misplaced priorities, like advancing tax breaks for wealthy donors, and attacking LGBTQ+ youth, teachers, schools, reproductive freedom, voting rights, equity, and BIPOC communities - they deliberately did not address a long list of real and critical issues facing Wisconsin families.

State Senate Republicans Push Anti-Equity Agenda, Ignore Wisconsinites’ Urgent Concerns in Final Floor Period

Missed opportunities abounded in the final floor period of the 2023-2024 legislative session as state Senate Republicans today chose not to address critical issues facing Wisconsin families - like access to child care, reproductive rights, and paid family leave - and instead continued their unpopular anti-equity agenda, advancing bills that unjustly attack BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Wisconsinites.

OP-ED: How President Biden is Helping Working People With Tools to Succeed, Protecting Our Freedoms

If there’s anything we in the Badger State can take away from this year’s State of the Union, it’s this: under the Biden Administration, more Wisconsinites have healthcare, workers are earning higher wages, more family supporting jobs are available, every day costs for things like child care and energy bills are going down, and we have a President committed to protecting our freedoms and our safety.