A Better Wisconsin Together Calls on State Legislature to Unite Behind Fully Funded Public Schools, Put an End to Censorship and Book Ban Bills

Public Schools Week (Feb. 26 – March 1) is all about celebrating Wisconsin’s public schools and the students, teachers, parents, and staff that make the Badger State among the best in education nationwide. This year, A Better Wisconsin Together is calling on our state legislature to celebrate Public Schools Week by ensuring our public schools are fully funded and put an end to right-wing partisan attempts to ban books and censor curriculum. 

OP-ED: Many to Thank in Fair Maps Victory for Wisconsinites

We owe a huge thank you to the progressive majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, local advocates, and progressive leaders like Gov. Evers for ensuring that the people of Wisconsin now have a renewed chance for competitive elections and a truly representative government for all.

Wisconsin GOP Continues Defending Their Gerrymandered Maps

Republicans and right-wing intervenors had a chance to submit maps that are fair and give Wisconsinites a truly representative legislature. They instead prioritized their desperation to hold onto power and submitted maps that would protect their gerrymander over the voices of Wisconsin voters.

ICYMI: Results of Marquette Law School Poll Demonstrate Need for Fair Maps

Results from a recent Marquette Law School poll have revealed that most Wisconsin voters support the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision that our current GOP drawn state legislative maps are unconstitutional, as well as a concerning correlation between the issues that Wisconsinites support and the issues that Republican legislators have neglected to address.

A Better Wisconsin Together Applauds Governor Evers’ Veto of Bad Faith GOP Maps

Last month, the Wisconsin Supreme Court deemed the current GOP-drawn state legislative maps unconstitutional. Instead of acting to pass fair maps that are up to constitutional standards, Republicans engaged in a desperate, last ditch effort to, as one Republican legislator said “... take our best shot at keeping the majority.”

President Biden Celebrates Economic, Infrastructure Wins with Wisconsinites

A Better Wisconsin Together is thanking President Biden for spending time in Wisconsin today to celebrate the job creation, economic strides, and funding for the Badger State’s roads, bridges, and transportation infrastructure made possible by historic Biden Administration investments. 

A Better Wisconsin Together Applauds Governor Evers’ 2024 State of the State Address

In tonight’s State of the State address, Governor Tony Evers doubled down on his commitment to supporting working families, protecting Wisconsinites’ freedoms, standing up for public schools, and continuing to lead Wisconsin forward despite Republican attempts to divide our communities by putting their own partisan interests over what’s best for the people of Wisconsin.

GOP Poised to Green-light Legislative Vote on Severely Restrictive Abortion Ban

Following a public hearing yesterday on state Republicans’ newest abortion ban proposal, which resulted in hours of testimony from Wisconsinites expressing their support for abortion rights and strong opposition to the bill, the GOP-controlled Assembly Committee on Health Aging and Long-Term Care will decide today if the bill can continue to advance toward becoming law.

OP-ED: 3 Years After January 6 Insurrection, Wisconsin Republicans’ Involvement is an Ongoing Threat to Democracy

As we mark the third anniversary of the events that unfolded on January 6, the political violence unleashed by the MAGA faction that day continues to reverberate in Wisconsin, and not just in election denial or efforts to derail holding insurrectionists accountable. Their extremism extends to policies denying people bodily autonomy, intimidating educators from teaching our real history, and putting corporate profits before our well being.

OP-ED: 2023 A Year in Review

As 2023 comes to a close, Wisconsinites are at the end of a year marked by historic progress on important issues like abortion access, fair maps, and more - but it was also a year marked by GOP obstruction and skewed priorities on issues that matter to Wisconsinites. 

President Biden Celebrates Economic, Clean Water Wins with Wisconsinites

Today, President Joe Biden visited Milwaukee to celebrate the economic, climate, and clean water strides happening in Wisconsin, many of them made possible by Biden Administration investments like the CHIPS Act, Inflation Reduction Act, and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.