OP-ED: Partisan MAGA Politicians are Behind Bad Faith Constitutional Amendments on Wisconsinites’ April 2 Ballots

Wisconsin has an election coming up on April 2, and Wisconsinites’ ballots will include two bad faith constitutional amendments drafted by MAGA Republicans who want to amend our state constitution for their own partisan benefit.

It’s no coincidence that the same MAGA-faction Republicans that undermined election results when they overwhelmingly lost in 2020 are now behind these ballot measures that would make it harder to vote. 

If passed, their plan would make it more difficult for local election officials to get the tools they need to run safe and smooth elections, which in turn could make it harder for Wisconsinites to have our voices heard. 

These constitutional amendments would harm local governments’ ability to fund vital election resources, and if they can’t come up with the money, Wisconsintes would either have to suffer under fewer polling places and election workers, or raise local taxes to foot the bill.

Our elected leaders ought to be making it as seamless and straightforward as possible for us to make our voices heard in our elections, and we shouldn’t be amending our state constitution because partisan GOP lawmakers are worried an election won’t go their way. 

This spring election, vote ‘No’ on Questions 1 and 2, because all of our communities deserve to have enough polling places, voting machines, and workers for our elections to run smoothly.

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