A Better Wisconsin Together Calls on State Legislature to Unite Behind Fully Funded Public Schools, Put an End to Censorship and Book Ban Bills

MADISON, Wis. — Public Schools Week (Feb. 26 – March 1) is all about celebrating Wisconsin’s public schools and the students, teachers, parents, and staff that make the Badger State among the best in education nationwide. This year, A Better Wisconsin Together is calling on our state legislature to celebrate Public Schools Week by ensuring our public schools are fully funded and putting an end to right-wing partisan attempts to ban books and censor curriculum.

In 2024, more than 100 school districts in Wisconsin will or already have put referendums on the ballot, many just to afford basic necessities like properly working plumbing and electrical systems.

“Our schools shouldn’t need to go to referendum just to keep the lights on, especially when our state legislature has a billion dollar surplus that GOP lawmakers are letting sit unused at the Capitol, where it isn’t helping any of us,” said A Better Wisconsin Together Communications Director Lucy Ripp.

After slashing billions of dollars in public school funding from Governor Evers’ state budget proposal last year, and advancing several bills that would ban books and censor what is taught in Wisconsin’s schools, Assembly Republicans have already called it quits for the year and ended their legislative session with 10 months left to go on the calendar.

“Public school champions like legislative Democrats, Gov. Evers, and local advocates are putting in the work to make Wisconsin a place where public schools are celebrated and supported,” said Ripp. “Now it’s time for Republicans in the legislature to get on board and deliver the tools that Wisconsin students and educators need to succeed.”

This Public Schools Week and beyond, call your legislator at 1-800-362-9472 and demand they join the majority of their constituents in supporting fully funded public schools in Wisconsin, and a public education system where parents and teachers – not politicians – work together to decide what’s best for our kids.

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A Better Wisconsin Together is a state-based research and communications hub for progressives and is an affiliate of ProgressNow.