OP-ED: Wisconsinites See Right Through Donald Trump’s Lies and Divisive Tactics at Presidential Debate

MAGA leader Donald Trump recently took the stage in his first Presidential debate of 2024 and, as he always does, tried to dodge his record, duck responsibility, and sought to divide our communities and distract from his unpopular policy positions.

But we aren’t buying it. From abortion care and voting rights, to health care, rising costs, and the environment, Trump couldn’t hide from his terrible record as he tried to dodge accountability and avoided giving any solutions to real issues facing hardworking families.

Despite Trump’s avalanche of lies at the debate, here’s what Wisconsinites know to be true:

  1. Trump has bragged about appointing the Supreme Court justices that took away our federally protected right to access abortion care by overturning Roe v. Wade, and said he wants to put state politicians in charge of making our reproductive health care decisions for us.
  2. The MAGA leader recently told Wisconsinites he won’t accept the 2024 Presidential election results, after Trump previously incited the violent January 6 attack on our nation’s Capitol as part of his larger criminal conspiracy to overturn the 2020 Presidential election results and throw out thousands of Wisconsinites’ votes.
  3. He promised a room full of billionaires he would help them evade paying what they owe in taxes if elected to a second term – a continuation of Trump’s 2017 Tax Law that skewed a majority of the benefits to the wealthiest few while leaving average working families behind.
  4. Trump told big oil executives that he will let them write his plans to undo strides in clean energy and climate change mitigation and give them huge tax cuts in exchange for $1 billion in donations to his campaign – leaving our families vulnerable to corporate price gouging and climate change.
  5. 14 years after it became law, Trump still wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act and take health care away from millions of people at a time when hardworking families are often choosing between keeping the lights on or seeing a doctor when they’re sick.

There’s no debate that Trump’s record and his views are radically out of touch. Wisconsinites and the American people deserve better.

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A Better Wisconsin Together is a state-based research and communications hub for progressives and is an affiliate of ProgressNow.