OP-ED: It’s Time for GOP-Controlled State Legislature to Stand Up for Teachers

As Teacher Appreciation Week 2024 comes to a close, Wisconsinites have spent the past week showing gratitude for our dedicated teachers across the state, and we must continue standing up for Wisconsin teachers all year long. Part of that means holding our elected officials accountable for supporting legislation that empowers our local schools and teachers. 

Teachers in Wisconsin are known for working with parents to make sure that our kids receive the best education possible. They work long nights and early mornings because they care about our kids, and believe that every child who walks into their classroom deserves to grow into a knowledgeable, healthy, well-prepared adult.

Wisconsin teachers understand best what is going on in their own classrooms, and are fierce advocates for what’s best for children. But that hasn’t stopped right-wing politicians in Wisconsin from trying to micromanage local classrooms, censor curriculums, ban books, and meddle in parent/teacher relationships – where they have no business. 

Politicians should not be the ones deciding what our kids learn at school, and curriculums should be decided by teachers, parents, and education experts working together to decide what’s best for Wisconsin students.

When Governor Evers and legislative Democrats proposed increasing teacher salaries, addressing local teacher shortages, and allowing teachers to have more of a voice in their working conditions, the GOP majority in the legislature blocked those measures at every turn. 

It’s clear that Republicans in our state legislature are trying to divide our communities instead of addressing real issues, like teacher shortages, and better pay and benefits for Wisconsin teachers. 

Call your legislator today at 1-800-362-9472 and demand they stand up for Wisconsin teachers all year long. 

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