OP-ED: How a Recent MAGA Supreme Court Decision Threatens Our Democracy

Didn't We Resolve This on July 4, 1776?

As Wisconsinites return to time-honored 4th of July traditions in the coming days, it’s important to remember that Independence Day, at its core, is a moment to reflect on one of the most fundamental freedoms this country was founded on: Democracy. 

Recently, the MAGA majority on the U.S. Supreme Court – despite total lack of legal precedent and universal rejection by lower courts – decided to disregard democracy and grant MAGA leader Donald Trump, a convicted felon, immunity for official acts in order to help him seize power and enact an agenda by, of, and for the MAGA faction.

The very Supreme Court Justices caught taking gifts from their billionaire backers without facing consequences want to keep Trump from facing the consequences of his efforts to spread lies about our democracy, sow division, and seed the deadly January 6 attack.

Just as they denied our freedom to decide when, whether, and how to have kids, the MAGA Justices on the Supreme Court are now trying to take away our freedom to elect our own leaders. They delayed justice for Trump’s criminal conspiracy to overthrow our elections because — as they’ve made clear in this decision — they hope to hand him the power to rule over us, not represent us. 

These Justices are trying to shield Trump from accountability, and stop voters right here in Wisconsin from learning the truth about his 2020 criminal conspiracy to silence our voices, and obstruct justice by denying Americans the opportunity to know if someone running in this election is guilty of a criminal conspiracy to overthrow the last one.

Which means, this 4th of July and beyond, it’s up to us – we the people – to turn out to protect our freedoms, our families, and our futures by using our voices and holding Trump accountable when the majority on our nation’s highest court refuses to do so.

Whether in 1776 or 2024, we have shown that when we come together we can make real progress to protect and expand our freedoms. The democracy we celebrate on July 4 makes it possible, so let’s use that collective power to build communities where all our voices are heard, and our elected officials are properly held accountable for their actions.

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