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OP-ED: Wisconsin Republicans Wasted Critical Days Supporting MAGA Election Denier Jim Jordan Instead of Taking Action on Issues that Matter to Wisconsin Families

Without a Speaker, the House is unable to meaningfully advance action on the issues that matter to Wisconsin families. Wisconsin Republicans’ choice to waste critical time throwing support to Jordan, instead of working with Democrats on a bipartisan solution, was a clear signifier that they are willing to put their own partisan interests ahead of what’s best for Wisconsin.

OP-ED: Republicans’ Push to Impeach Justice Protasiewicz Is Both Unpopular and Unfounded. Wisconsinites Should Make Their Voices Heard.

This spring, Wisconsin voters turned out in record numbers to elect Justice Janet Protasiewicz in a landslide victory to our state Supreme Court. Now, instead of fixing issues Wisconsinites care about, some extremist Republicans are wasting time and resources in a push to throw away the outcome of that election - simply because they didn’t like what we said with our votes.