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In Wisconsin, We Know What Keeps us Safe

No matter our zip code, everyone in Wisconsin deserves to feel safe - and it starts with investments in our communities that address public safety at the source.

SCOWIS Forum: Dan Kelly Doubles Down on Extremist Views on the Issues

At a March 21 public debate, Dan Kelly doubled down on his extremist views and strong ties to corruption. Specifically, Kelly refused to denounce Wisconsin’s archaic, unpopular 1849 criminal abortion ban, and evaded taking responsibility for his long history of refusing to recuse himself as a judge in cases where a conflict of interest clearly existed.

New Bill Repealing 1849 Criminal Abortion Ban is a Necessary Step

This morning, Gov. Tony Evers and Lt. Gov. Sara Rodriguez - alongside Democratic state legislators Kelda Roys and Lisa Subeck - reintroduced legislation that would restore abortion rights in Wisconsin by repealing the state’s 1849 criminal abortion ban.