How Vaccination Helped Wisconsin Residents

We heard directly from you about how getting the vaccination would or did help your situation.

“Really miss working with my clients since I am in a business where I can help make peoples' travel dreams come true.”


“ I look forward to returning to the classroom once I'm safely vaccinated.”


“Vaccination will help keep both of us safer... from inadvertent infection.”


“I do want to be able to see, hug, and play games with my grandchildren.”

A Grandparent

“I have a chance to make it through this pandemic and be able to see a great granddaughter I haven’t seen yet.”


“Becoming immunized will allow me fuller access to my 93-year-old father as well as to my children and grandchildren.”


“Get back to a more active life we others that I haven’t been able to see for over a year.”


“I am 69 years old, and a live-in caregiver for 93-year-old mom. It is so important for both of us to get the vaccine.”


“I am most looking forward to going out shopping and visiting.”


“I am 76 and a public school substitute. I cannot sensibly spend extended time in the schools without vaccination. ”


“Getting the vaccine would not only protect me and my family, but also those I serve everyday.”


“If I got the vaccine, I could go to the doctor, get our cats to the vet, buy groceries and personal essentials.”


“I am getting my covid shots because I want to be part of the solution, not the problem.”


“I am a grandmother and a great grandmother. I want to protect myself and others from this terrible virus.”


“I can get back to work taking care of babies. ”


“I can begin to think of travel, entertaining and return to church and volunteer work”


“I can visit my children and grandchildren”


“I could get the medical care I need and relocate!”


“I really hope to be able to be vaccinated soon so I can feel safe to resume Pulmonary Rehab.”


“I look forward to the day I can go to the gym, take an airplane to see my son, and go traveling.”


“I miss being able to go out to dinner, visit friends and extended family.”


“I hope I can get vaccinated soon because it would help keep me and all the people I work with safe. ”


“I will be able to work at the polls in April and go to my grandson's wedding near Boston in May!”


“I wanted to see my granddaughters as its been 11 months since I last saw them. ”


“I will be able to have friends and family over to my home for visits and meals.”


“I will do everything in my power to lessen the pandemic. ”


“Being 73 with health issues it will be an extra layer of protection.”


“I will have more confidence to be at my business which I’ve mostly neglected for the past ten months out of fear,”

A Small Business Owner

“The vaccine will not only protect me, but allow me to do the job I am called to do in caring for our most vulnerable people.”


“I would love to get vaccinated so I can stay healthy and do my life’s work. ”


“I’ll be able to go in grocery stores with confidence, and babysit my grandkids.”


“Getting vaccinated and waiting for the rest of my family to get vaccinated means I can feel safe about returning to work.”

A High Risk Individual

“It will help me to return to offer wedding officiant services safely.”

A Wedding Officiant

“It will lower the fear of having severe symptoms and maybe relax how we feel emotionally.”


“It will protect me and I want to get my life back”


“As soon as it's safe I'm just going to hug my mom forever! The vaccine means everything to me.”


“Most of all, I look forward to holding my grandchildren and indoor visits with friends.”


“My husband had it the worst and almost died from it... Having the vaccination would protect him from getting it again. ”


“My first thought is that being vaccinated will benefit my community, my county, my state, and our country. ”


“Being vaccinated means more freedom to go about your life as it was before the pandemic.”

A Parent & Spouse

“We are hoping to be able to visit with our family a bit socially distanced.”


“It will mean so much to live without fear and have a big family gathering.”


“We won’t travel until we are vaccinated.”


“My wife and I have not been with our children or grandchildren for almost a year.”


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As of December, Wisconsin residents have gone EIGHT months without a legislative COVID-19 relief package, suffering under the least-active full-time legislature in the nation.

From virtual learning to evictions, closed businesses and overwhelmed hospitals, it didn't have to be this way for the people of Wisconsin.

This pandemic has taken its toll on our state and we want to hear directly from you about its impact.

Tell us how has the pandemic affected your life and what you hope to see from our state's leadership.

Share your story to help us show Wisconsin's policymakers just how critical this issue is to our state.