State Republicans Put Themselves First in Advancing Bad Faith, Disingenuous Legislative Maps

MADISON, Wis. – State legislative Republicans have gone to great lengths to gerrymander state legislative maps to give themselves an unfair partisan advantage and protect themselves from being held accountable by Wisconsin voters. Nothing has changed today as, in a disappointing yet unsurprising move, Assembly and Senate Republicans advanced a disingenuous, 11th hour legislative map that emphasizes protecting themselves instead of delivering fair maps for the people of Wisconsin. 

The following are statements from A Better Wisconsin Together Executive Director Chris Walloch:

“Wisconsinites won’t be fooled. A desperate and disingenuous last-minute map from a group of politicians who have been gerrymandering in Wisconsin for more than a decade is not a map that protects the best interests of voters.

“In fact just yesterday a Republican state Representative said this stunt is really all about, ‘trying to do our best and take our best shot at keeping the majority.’

“Wisconsin Republicans’ desperate last stand to protect their gerrymander, hold on to power, and dodge accountability is going to fail and fair maps are coming for Wisconsin.” 

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A Better Wisconsin Together is a state-based research and communications hub for progressives and is an affiliate of ProgressNow.