OP-ED: Spring Election Shows Wisconsinites Embrace Common Sense, Protecting Freedoms

This election season, Wisconsinites stood with and for each other, making our voices heard on the issues that matter most to us while resoundingly rejecting attempts to divide us from right wing extremists statewide.

Voters turned out in record high numbers to make it known that we want our courts to protect legal abortion access, voting rights, and the freedom to live safe and healthy lives – regardless of race, gender, or identity.

It was especially encouraging to see the record breaking number of young voters who turned out to the polls – a demographic that oftentimes have not shown out in big numbers for spring elections. 

Across generations, our votes decided that the right wing extremism and dangerous rhetoric spread by Dan Kelly are not what represents us as Wisconsinites. 

From his archaic, out of touch views on things like abortion care and social security, to his radical opposition to LGBTQ+ rights – Wisconsin voters have twice now told Dan Kelly that his unpopular, regressive values don’t belong on our courts.

In 2023, people in Wisconsin have fewer rights today than we had a year ago, and the justices who serve on our state’s highest court have a duty to ensure our rights are protected. Together, our votes decided that we deserve a state Supreme Court that will fight for our freedoms, so that future generations aren’t left with fewer rights than we’ve had in our own lifetimes.

This election has shown that together, we can reject division and make Wisconsin a better place for all. Now that we’ve spoken, we expect those who govern in our name to respect our decisions. 

From our state legislature to our city, town, and village governments, and from school board to state courts, we need leaders in Wisconsin to deliver on the issues that matter most to us.

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