OP-ED: Ron Johnson is 87 Years in the Past on Social Security, Medicare

We all deserve to live without wondering if we can put food on the table, keep a roof over our heads, or afford to see a doctor – especially after retiring from decades of hard work. The right to live without these fears was guaranteed for all Americans on Aug. 14, 1935 when the Social Security Act was signed into law.

But, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson wants to roll back the clock 87 years and strip Wisconsinites of access to vital programs like social security and Medicare.

At a time when Wisconsinites are working twice as hard with not nearly enough to show for it, and rising costs are making it harder to get ahead, Sen. Johnson wants to make it even harder for Wisconsin families to make ends meet.

If he has it his way, Congress would be able to decide on a year-to-year basis whether or not hard-working Wisconsin families will receive the benefits they’re entitled to.

Sen. Johnson, who’s doubled his own wealth with budget busting tax breaks he fought for that personally benefit himself and a number of his wealthy donors, now wants to force a fight in Congress every year over whether or not Wisconsinites on fixed income get a cost of living increase for their social security.

Times are hard, and our ability to afford basic life essentials should not be at the discretion of wealthy, out of touch politicians.

The bottom line is, people who have been paying into a system for their entire working lives are entitled to receive the benefits of that program – end of story. We need our elected leaders to get behind the bottom line and look out for everyday Wisconsinites.

Call Ron Johnson today at (202)-224-5323 and let him know that retired Wisconsinites have earned social security and Medicare benefits through years of hard work – and it’s not a politician’s place to take that away.

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