‘No Debate About It’: Wisconsin Organizations Uplift Progressive Vision for Wisconsin, Denounce Right-Wing Extremism

MADISON, Wis. – This week, extremist GOP politicians will descend upon Milwaukee for the presidential debate on August 23. In response, nearly a dozen organizations across Wisconsin have released a joint statement emphasizing that the harmful and reckless actions and rhetoric espoused by these right-wing politicians has no place here – and Wisconsinites deserve better. 

“From rural counties to city blocks, Wisconsinites have always stood together to make our voices heard on the policy issues that matter most to us, while resoundingly rejecting attempts to divide us from right-wing politicians.

“We stand united in a vision for Wisconsin that includes the freedom to make our own reproductive choices, where our Black, Brown and multi-racial neighbors and friends can safely thrive in our communities, and where no LGBTQ+ person has to live in fear and hostility due to escalating attacks on their community. 

“Our vision includes economic prosperity, clean air to breathe, safe water to drink, affordable healthcare, good paying jobs, and a system where all of our votes hold equal weight.

“The Republican politicians taking part in this week’s Presidential debate do not represent our values or vision for Wisconsin, but instead have endorsed harmful policy positions that hurt our shared freedoms, safety, and prosperity.

“We’ve seen the good that comes to our communities when the progressive vision prevails. Currently, the Biden Administration and other progressives are delivering on their promises to defend our freedoms and ensure all of us – regardless of race, zip code, or identity – have the tools we need to build a good life.

“We must keep building on that success, and will continue to hold those politicians accountable who stand in the way. There’s no debate about it – as Wisconsinites, we have a proven track record of rejecting extremism similar to what these GOP presidential hopefuls stand for, and we’ll do it again.”


A Better Wisconsin Together

Human Rights Campaign

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin

Voces de la Frontera Action

Climate Power

Americans for Contraception

Fair Wisconsin

All in Wisconsin

For our Future Wisconsin

SEIU Wisconsin

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A Better Wisconsin Together is a state-based research and communications hub for progressives and is an affiliate of ProgressNow.