A Better Wisconsin Together Applauds Governor Evers’ Call for Referendum on Abortion Rights

Proposal Would Allow Citizens to Reverse Wisconsin’s 1849 Criminal Abortion Ban

MADISON, Wis. – This morning, Governor Tony Evers called on the state legislature to do what is right and let Wisconsinites – not politicians – make decisions about their own reproductive healthcare.

If the measure proposed by Gov. Evers is approved in the special session he has called for on October 5 Wisconsinites would have the ability to vote to repeal the state’s 1849 abortion ban that leaves no exceptions for victims of rape and incest and criminalizes doctors and nurses.

A Better Wisconsin Together Communications Manager Lucy Ripp released the following statement in reaction to Gov. Evers’ special session call:

“Gov. Evers is correct. The right to an abortion should be determined by the people of Wisconsin today, not a 173-year-old law.

“The decision to have an abortion should never be made at the mercy of politicians, but should be up to the person seeking the abortion. Now, our Republican-controlled legislature has a chance to do the right thing and make that a reality in Wisconsin.

“Today, to ensure a better tomorrow, we need our state legislators on both sides of the aisle to come together and protect our freedoms.”

A majority of Wisconsin voters support abortion rights. In addition to today’s special session call, Gov. Evers has been a strong defender of abortion rights in Wisconsin throughout his tenure, including vetoing numerous bills passed by legislative Republicans to try to impose new restrictions on abortion care.

You can take action today by tweeting, writing, or calling your local legislator (1-800-362-9472) and demanding they join Gov. Evers in standing up for Wisconsinites’ right to abortion care.

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