Rebecca Kleefisch Calls for the End of Reproductive Freedom in Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. — Over the weekend, gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch stated that, as governor, she would sign a six-week abortion ban similar to the recently enacted Texas law.

A Better Wisconsin Together Executive Director Chris Walloch released the following statement:

“The law enacted in Texas is an egregious assault on women’s reproductive freedom, bodily autonomy, and control over their own futures. Over the weekend, Rebecca Kleefisch declared that she wants to bring that grisly reality to Wisconsin. Here in the Badger state, we believe in autonomy and dignity, and that means the freedom for every person to make their own decisions about their body, reproduction, and family planning. It’s clear that Kleefisch is another right-wing extremist who doesn’t stand for our Wisconsin values.”

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A Better Wisconsin Together is a state-based research and communications hub for progressives and is an affiliate of ProgressNow.