Gov. Evers’ Badger BounceBack Budget Says ‘Yes’ to Wisconsin Priorities, Legislative Republicans Say ‘No’

Instead of fixing problems across the state, Republicans want to give their wealthy donors a tax break and make working families fight over the scraps

MADISON, Wis. — When introducing his Badger BounceBack Budget proposal, Governor Evers said,  “Don’t let anyone tell you we can’t afford to make healthcare more accessible while saving your hard-earned tax dollars. Don’t let anyone tell you we can’t afford to fully fund our public schools while cutting taxes at the same time.  […] Don’t let anyone tell you we can’t spend within our means while still supporting Wisconsinites who need help to recover.”

The Governor backed up these words with action, proposing a budget that says yes to investing in small businesses and public education, yes to removing toxic chemicals from our drinking water, yes to respecting frontline and essential workers, yes to making health care and prescription drugs more affordable and much more.

A handful of politicians today are trying to pit Wisconsinites against each other, suggesting that we have to choose to help some communities or issues over others, as Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee voted “no” on many of the BounceBack Budget’s investments in building Wisconsin back stronger than before from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Gov. Evers’ Badger BounceBack Budget says ‘yes’ to things like improving our children’s education and lowering the cost of our prescription drugs,” commented A Better Wisconsin Together Deputy Director Mike Browne. “The Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee are instead trying to divide us along race and place, so that they can give big tax breaks to their wealthy donors and make the rest of us fight over scraps.They said ‘no’ today, but if we reject their politics of division and unite in favor of a better future, we can have a Wisconsin that says yes to everyone getting what they need to live a safe, healthy, and prosperous life.”

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