Fake Electors Are Real Associates of Rebecca Kleefisch

Individuals Who Participated in Wisconsin Election Sabotage Scheme Advising Gubernatorial Candidate Kleefisch

MADISON, Wis. — Right-wing gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch has surrounded herself with several individuals who were involved in what appears to be a coordinated plot to submit fraudulent slates of Donald Trump electors to the Electoral College. According to recently released documents, Trump campaign personnel were coordinating the submission of slates of electors to cast electoral college votes for Trump in seven states he lost, including Wisconsin.

“Fake electors were part of a coordinated, right-wing election sabotage scheme,” commented A Better Wisconsin Together Executive Director Chris Walloch. “That Rebecca Kleefisch would surround herself with some of the people who were undermining our freedom to vote raises serious questions about her judgement and her fitness to hold a position of public trust.”

Among the ten fake Wisconsin electors are four with ties to Kleefisch, including donating thousands of dollars to her campaigns and advising her political projects. They include:

  • Bill Feehan, named to the Kleefisch gubernatorial campaign grassroots leadership board;
  • Mary Buestrin, a member of the advisory board of the 1848 Project political organization established by Kleefisch and overseen by her before announcing her run for Governor;
  • Kelly Ruh, an original member of the advisory board of Kleefisch’s 1848 Project; and
  • Andrew Hitt, former head of the Republican Party of Wisconsin and a Kleefisch donor, including $2,000 to her gubernatorial campaign in December of 2021.

Walloch noted that Kleefisch has revealed her own stunning lack of respect for Wisconsinites freedom to vote, including publicly refusing to rule out allowing the Republican-controlled legislature to ignore the results of elections and instead cast the state’s Electoral College votes in presidential elections as they saw fit.

She also said in a campaign stump speech that she would “hire mercenaries” to try to win her 2022 campaign and “take a shower with steel wool” the day after the election because of the tactics in which she would engage to try to win.

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A Better Wisconsin Together is a state-based research and communications hub for progressives and is an affiliate of ProgressNow.