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In this multi-part series, we sat down with leaders from Wisconsin’s trans community and its allies to discuss the rise in anti-trans legislation, the realities of gender-affirming care, and the importance of fighting for the freedom to live authentically - whether we are trans or not.

head shot photo of Cole

“As a veteran I put on that uniform for the right of everyone. I didn’t pick and choose who I put on that uniform for, it was for everyone.”

head shot photo of Rachel

“I’m a sister. I’m a mom. I’m a daughter. I’m a UW Madison graduate. I identify just as proudly as a Badger as being a trans woman.”

head shot photo of Martha

“What’s important is how you’ve lived your life and cared for your neighbor and raised a family and those sorts of things. It just so happens that I’m also trans.”

head shot photo of Dr. Hidde

“There’s a lot of misunderstanding between the concepts of gender and the concepts of sexuality. A lot of people tend to focus on the things that we wouldn’t politely ask a friend or a neighbor about, but because this population is put under such scrutiny I think that’s where the focus tends to go.”

“We know gender is rooted in the brain. No, there's not a test ... it really truly is just this internal experience. It's this internal who am I when I close my eyes and how do I interact with the world.”