Bad Judge Runs Bad, Sham Investigation Badly


The People of Wisconsin
March 1, 2024
Bad Judge Runs Bad, Sham Investigation Badly

Michael Gableman was a bad judge. Now, he’s been hired by right-wing politicians and given nearly $700,000 of our tax dollars to run a sham inquiry into the 2020 election in Wisconsin, won by President Joe Biden.

He’s doing it badly, wasting people’s time and taxpayers’ money.

While Michael Gableman’s bumbling might be laughable, what’s going on in Wisconsin is no joke.

The real danger is the right-wing campaign to distract from their failures on the issues that really matter, to undermine confidence in elections and to give themselves cover as they chip away at our freedom to vote and rig the rules in their favor to keep power.

Get informed about Michael Gableman and the bad job he’s doing. Then get involved.

Contact your legislators to demand an end to this sham inquiry and an end to the attacks on our freedom to vote.

Bad Judge Michael Gableman …

Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman has a long history of naked partisanship and ethical challenges, starting with his very first judicial appointment.

… Is Running a Bad Sham Review …

Let’s be clear, this is a sham review of an election that was free and fair and whose results were repeatedly verified. And it’s costing us, the taxpayers, nearly $700,000.10

… Badly.

From the start, this right-wing sham review of the election has been a sideshow worthy of the circus. But Michael Gableman keeps finding ways to make it worse, with each blunder more outrageous and unprofessional than the last.

Stay tuned for what’s next and stay connected with the fight to protect our freedom to vote!

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