Pledge to protect our freedoms in Wisconsin

Stand up against disinformation and protect our freedoms

This midterm election, Wisconsin voters turned out in record numbers to have their voices heard on the issues that matter most. From restoring abortion access to fully funding public education–Wisconsinites are ready to move forward together.

But today, a group of extreme politicians and their allies are spreading lies about our elections and threatening our freedoms. This is unacceptable. We won’t sit down and let election rejectors restrict our freedom to vote or block progress on the issues we care about. That’s why we are standing together to ensure the will of the people prevails and that all of our voices are represented in future elections.

Join us in this fight by pledging to be a Digital Ambassador with A Better Wisconsin Together. As a digital ambassador you will have access to sample content to push back against disinformation as well as training opportunities, events, and resources that prepare you to protect our freedoms.

By signing the pledge you commit to:
✅ Verifying sources and checking information before sharing or reposting election-related content online
✅ Flagging and reporting disinformation on your social media timelines
✅ Sharing research-tested social media content provided by our team
✅ Joining a community of like-minded digital ambassadors where you will receive updates, sample content, and invites to future trainings and events with our team

Together, we can move Wisconsin forward towards a future that works for all of us.

Sign the Pledge!

Stand Up to Protect Our Freedoms