Watch Our Short Video Series On Public Education in Wisconsin!

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Part I

What is the Department of Public Instruction?

In Part I of our series, former state employee Carrie tells us about the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, briefly laying out the roles it plays in our state and why it matters to our communities.

Part II

Why Is Public Education Important?

In Part II of our series, Carrie explains the importance of public education, and how public schools help students from all backgrounds find their strengths and feel empowered.

Part III

How Does the State Superintendent Help your Child Succeed?

In Part III of our series, Heather from the Wisconsin Public Education Network shares why it's so critical to have a State Superintendent who is willing to fight for our children and our schools.

Wisconsin has an election coming up (yes, again). We’re voting for the Superintendent of Public Instruction on April 6.

The future of public education is not just about curriculum and class sizes, though those are important. It’s also about our future as a state.

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