We're tired of politicians trying to scare and divide us. Wisconsin families don’t need distractions or lies, we need real solutions to the issues that matter most–like health care, child care and the economy.

As right-wing politicians spread lies in order to distract from their failure to deliver on important issues, President Biden and progressives are taking real action to support working families.

Across the nation, seniors are seeing reduced prescription drug costs and households are seeing cuts to their energy bills thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act.

We know what our families need to thrive—access to affordable healthcare, quality child care, and good-paying jobs.

That’s why President Biden and progressives are working to provide our communities with the tools and resources we need to make this a reality for all.

good paying jobs are on the rise
unemployment rate is a record low
#Bidenomics puts working families first.
healthcare and energy bills are being axed
small businesses are receiving much needed support